How to setup Belkin Wireless Router ?

Completing your Belkin Router Setup Login is going to be amazingly useful for you. If you want to know “How to access Belkin wireless router” or “How to setup Belkin Wireless router”, you would get your answer here.

Moving ahead in the blog would clear your queries about belkin router setup and how to get into Belkin router settings.

Here are the steps to configure Belkin Wireless Router:

  1. Get on your preferred browser and enter IP address in the address bar and hit Enter.

(If you can’t get in via Belkin home page, you can find another way via live chat with us)


  1. Let’s Connect to the Internet page would open. Here, click on Detect My Connection.

(Now, the router will establish the connection and will test it. After it, the router would check for the available firmware updates)


  1. If there is any firmware update available, you must update. If your firmware update pop up is constantly ringing even after the update, you can uncheck or turn off the Automatic Firmware Update for your belkin router setup login.


  1. After the establishment of the internet connection, you would be asked to modify your default Network name and Password. So, choose your custom Network name and Password. 

(Tip: Make sure that you note your password somewhere because it is the key to access Belkin Wireless router)


  1. Click on Save and Continue.

(And first half of how to setup Belkin wireless router would be accomplished at this step)


  1. Now, the router will verify your Network Name and the password. Finish it, and click on Great, what’s next?


  1. You need to fill in the necessary information on the Register Your Router Window and then hit Complete Registration.


  1. Tap on Thanks; take me to the dashboard button.


Here, your Belkin router setup login is completed. But if you are thinking how to get into Belkin router settings, here’s your answer.


After completing ‘step 8’, you will be redirected to the Dashboard, where you will find the option to change your router settings.

When you are done with your Belkin Router Settings, you can try connecting your devices to your Wi-Fi and you will be all set.


If you can’t connect with your Wi-Fi or you can’t complete your belkin router setup yet, there has to be something done with your Router Settings.


To get more elaborated information on how to setup Belkin wireless router and Belkin home page call on our toll free number to talk with our experts. They would totally help you to Access Belkin wireless router.